Why Fast?

by Julianne Dowse

Everyone comes to fasting from different angles. I came to it to prove to myself that I could go without food for 7 days. As an extra bonus, I got clarity, lost weight, had more energy and broke through the ’emotional eating’ barrier. However, your ‘why’ may be quite different.

My Story

Many people turn to fasting as a last resort. As something that will be the ‘saviour’ – quite literally. For me, fasting is maintenance. It helps me keep my mind in check and my body supported to live a very full and ‘foodie’ life. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to give their body a break and do some internal cleansing. As old as time, fasting is not a new fad – it’s been written about, spoken about and many cultures build it into their spiritual practises.

“But why?” I hear you ask.

Well, for probably the same reasons an animal or small child does when they are unwell. It’s innate within them to do so. It is built in. Literally it is.

Everyone has different reasons to fast and with each reason comes a different motivation. If you are dealing with something that is life threatening and you decide to use fasting as your ‘last resort’ your motivation to complete the fast journey is probably pretty high! But, if you are just wanting to give your digestive system a break, do some internal cleansing and get your mind working at its optimum best – well, maybe you lack the motivation to start or if you do start, maybe you give up when the ‘going gets tough’ (on about day 2-3).

Fasting Benefits

Fasting has so many benefits – here’s a few things fasting can help you with.

It can help you to:

  • lose weight
  • have more energy
  • eliminate sugar cravings
  • clear your mind
  • rejuvenate your cells
  • recover from injury
  • support your body to heal

Why you need a BIG WHY?

If you are anything like me and love your food. You love being social, love spending time with loved ones and your life revolves around eating and drinking (pretty much), then…deciding to do a fast can be a bit of a challenge. Which is why you need a big why!

Your big why will pull you through if the going gets tough. It will make you accountable and keep you from giving up. Your why is a promise you make to yourself.

I find that the more reminders I have around me of why I am doing a fast, the easier it is to stay the course.

” When you connect to your Why, you will always find a way to make it happen!”

Creating a Big Why? Exercise

To help you create your why and help your why ‘to stick’ – download our ‘Creating a Big Why’ Exercise.